This is a Beginning of a new decade, Introducing a Modern lifestyle and a Modern Financial system. Here I have brought up a letter including the upcoming financial news in simple words. maybe you could find something useful here.

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Gold and other various commodities have been the apple of the eye of many investors and traders lately. Especially during this time of the commodity supercycle.

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The Market is high right now and it is going to be hard if you do not keep up.

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Prepare to reap what you sow

Gold Morning!

Gold is having a rough day for a period now, looks like someone is not liking the rise of gold. Most of the volume traded within the market is manipulative.

They have controlled metals for a long period, but they cannot hold any longer. As a trader, we could see…

Even with all this pressure, Gold has found its way to the top. Although there is even more resistance in the path for gold, I believe it won’t affect much…

Gold has been an undervalued asset for quite some time now. From the technical perspective, I can say that there…

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This life is short so make it special

There is no better time in Life better than now, always makes the most of it. People think about something which has not taken place or about something in the past which they could have done better.

I know it's hard to…

In the land of illusions. Where nothing lasts forever, Honesty is the only thing that keeps you grounded to the earth.

People who are honest will be always lead a happy life. no matter the current situation.

Honesty doesn't have to be toward others only, but mostly towards themselves.


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What is Market Capital

Market capitalization is the market value of a publicly-traded company’s outstanding shares. Market capitalization is equal to the share price multiplied by the number of shares outstanding.

It refers to the total value of the shares of stock,

How does the Market cap affect the stock market?

Small-cap, mid-cap, and large-cap aren’t references to…

It has always been a tendency of making more money by investing in the stock markets for the new investors, but mostly it is never easy money, it takes more time and effort to study a stock by technical or financial analysis.

Share market is not only about financial and…

On different walks of life, like many, I too had many people who has greatly influenced in my life path.

These people have not only inspired me but also everyone around them ,

The values they have acquired throughout their lives and skills impressed me.

So as i grew i…

Mithun Suresh

Investor, Trader and a life enthusiast

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