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Business Bay is a city known for its energy and flourishing business community, and nowhere better exemplifies this than Business Bay Dubai. A recognized destination for top international and local corporations, as well as world-renowned hospitality organizations, its aesthetically spectacular structures, robust transportation links, and a variety of world-class services are everything a contemporary, thriving city should be.

Elegant residential towers coexist with eye-catching office spaces, and the region is brimming with first-rate entertainment and shopping options. Explore Dubai Properties’ residential properties in Business Bay, including Bellevue Towers and Marasi Business Bay.

Its prominent location along the Dubai Water Canal adds to Business Bay’s legendary reputation, bringing the elegance of waterside living straight into this already famous region. The expansion of Marasi Business Bay Dubai, with its 12km promenade, water houses, floating restaurants, five marinas, and a plethora of leisure and entertainment choices, adds to its allure for residents and tourists.

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Live Market update

Sales transaction figures are one of the most significant factors to examine in the Dubai real estate market. This feature allows you to record sales transactions on a daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly basis.

I am offering services by leveraging cutting-edge technology and processes to provide you with a track record of sold properties in Business Bay. This data gives precise information on many sorts of transactions, such as a villa, property, or flat. This also discloses transactions including which payment plan was utilized, as well as the ratio of off-plan to ready home type.

Business Bay is a popular residential and professional district in Dubai. It is located next to Dubai’s iconic area, Downtown Dubai, and is set amidst the glittering waters of the Dubai Canal.

Business Bay is quickly achieving its goal of becoming Dubai’s core business district, similar to Manhattan in New York City, by offering an assortment of first-rate services and a fast-paced lifestyle. It is a mixed-use neighborhood with both residential and business sections.

Rental Markets in Business bay

Those interested in renting apartments in Business Bay towers have a variety of options. These residential towers provide renters with a range of amenities such as well-equipped gyms, swimming pools, children’s play areas, and so on.

Studio rates in Business Bay range from AED 28k to AED 200k per year. Renting a one-bedroom flat in Business Bay may cost between AED 35k and AED 200k per year. A 2-bedroom flat for rent in Business Bay starts at AED 53,500 per year and may go up to AED 950,500 per year.

3 and 4-bed apartments are available for tenants seeking larger residential units. 3-bedroom flats for rent in Business Bay range from AED 89k to AED 220k per year. Rents for four-bedroom flats in Business Bay may reach AED 290,000 per year.

Hotel flats in Business Bay range from studio to three bedrooms. Hotel flats in Business Bay have yearly rates ranging from AED 37k to AED 288k.

Penthouses in Business Bay have annual rates ranging from AED 199k to AED 1.3M.

In Business Bay, there are only a few villas for rent. The average annual rental price for 4-bedroom units is AED 247k.

There are stores and offices for rent in the business sector. Offices for rent in Business Bay range in price from AED 1.5k to AED 5.9M per year. Shops for rent in Business Bay, on the other hand, range from AED 39k to AED 2.3M per year.

Resale Markets in Business bay


Purchasing flats in Business Bay is getting increasingly popular. Studio apartments in Business Bay start at AED 418k and go up to AED 1.48M. 1-bedroom flats in Business Bay are priced between AED 550k to AED 2.8M. AED 850k is the minimum price for a two-bedroom flat in Business Bay. The price of a three-bedroom apartment starts at AED 1.3 million and may reach AED 19.8 million.

The prices of 4-bedroom apartments for sale in Business Bay range from AED 2.3M to AED 32.4M. A 5-bedroom condo in Business Bay costs between AED 4.4M to AED 40M. The price of a 6-bed apartment is AED 27.8M.

There are various penthouses for sale in Business Bay, ranging from 2 to 5 bedrooms. The costs range between AED 2.4M and AED 72.8M. A 2-bedroom penthouse could be purchased for AED 16.6M. A three-bedroom penthouse in Business Bay costs between AED 2.8 million to AED 17.1 million.

A 4-bedroom penthouse in Business Bay may be purchased for as little as AED 2.4M and as much as AED 72.8M. 5-bedroom penthouses in Business Bay are priced from AED 3.35M to AED 70M. A 6-bedroom penthouse may be acquired for AED 30M.

Hotel flats for sale in Business Bay are priced between AED 444k to AED 475M for interested purchasers.


Studio flats in Business Bay had the best ROI at 6.0 percent. According to the findings, studios may be the most beneficial investment choice for investors. 1-bedroom apartments have a 5.6 percent return, while 3-bedroom apartments have a 5.3 percent return. The ROI for the two-bedroom apartments is 5.1 percent. The ROI for the 4- and 5-bedroom apartments is 4.5 percent and 3.9 percent, respectively.

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