Realtor Records — Top traits of a realtor expert that can helps you find your next Big Deal

Mithun Suresh
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Choosing your realtor expert can be as challenging and an Investment in itself. Like any investment, it is necessary to spend some time to know more about the person. Here are a few tips that I will share, top traits you can find in all elite realtor experts.

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Top traits you need to look for,

Trait number 1 — Being Friendly

If you are a first-time investor it is necessary to find a realtor expert who is friendly which means very open to communication and listens to you. The reason behind this is some time apart from your purchase at some point or the other you might want also would like to know more about other markets, this person should be happy to explain to you and introduce you to other projects while focusing on one at hand.

Trait number 2 — Should have very good connections.

As a realtor expert, He/she should have a full understanding of the market prices, or even if they do not they would probably have someone in contact to grab the information for them. Connection comes with experiences. I believe no one is perfect, there is no realtor who knows everything about the market and that’s okay.

So it is best to have someone who has a lot of credible connections.

Trait number 3 — Good knowledge.

Every realtor should be an expert in at least one area in particular at the beginning of their career not only can get information about that market but, now he/she will know what to look for in that particular market.

you can identify this trait as a realtor or the team explains about the project that you are about to invest in, more than the project if they ask you questions that means they prioritize you more than the sale .

every time you ask a question they should be prepared and the answer would be well understood to you.

if you are with the right person there will not be any confusion in communications

Trait 4 — Good understanding of the fees.

Other than the information about the product price and the current market price or even how much would be the ROI based on location. there are many more other factors that need to be well understood before any purchase cost.

The real trait of a true realtor expert is when they stand by your side and make sure your every doubt or confusion is clear. The realtor would guide you to places, to meet people in order to clarify your confusion. this is why I say the realtor should have credible connections within his /her reach at all times.

when I speak about the fees apart from the purchase cost, Here in Dubai we have 4% DLD, Title deed cost, and services charges also you will have to understand if you are going with mortgages you will find someone expert in that field, a realtor expert will always have one to get in touch with.

Trait 5 — Availability

Although there are exceptions to these traits, I know many professional realtors are able to manage time to make sure their client’s needs as met at the earliest. This is how we find someone that is most suited to us. they will share the in and out of the purchase.

not only about why you need to purchase but why you shouldn’t. this is most important. you do not want to end up investing in something that you do not like.

In conclusion.

These are solely my opinion on finding the best realtor suited for you, if there is anything that you would like to add, Do share your thoughts in the comments down below.


what traits would you look out for in a realtor when searching for your ideal property, share in the comments or reach out to me @mithunsuresh_ on Twitter.

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