The art of Being Inspired all the time, every time

On different walks of life, like many, I too had many people who has greatly influenced in my life path.

These people have not only inspired me but also everyone around them ,

The values they have acquired throughout their lives and skills impressed me.

So as i grew i went to seek how did they achieved such skills of influence, more over how was they able to keep the charm with them for as long as they did.

These are some factors that I found throught my journey,

  • Consistency

Consistancy is the number one priority when it comes to any type of influenceing whether it is in social media or outside social media,

every time when one comes to influence they will work hard for it for the max of 6 months or even a year and then later loose their devotion.

Recently people have more social media accounts than a bank account yet still they do not know how to manage them .

In recent years, there have been a few tech companies that have started to create software for people in order to manage multiple accounts at once.

These companies have been rewarded for their timely action, I don’t have to say that.

  • Positivity

The next big thing when it comes to influencing is the skill to be positive at all times because it is necessary to understand like outside there are negative people on the internet too.

Negative people are attracted to your positive content 😉, and Sometimes it takes a strong heart to overcome these people

  • Clarity
    It doesn’t matter how you decide to communicate with your followers, it is necessary to have great clarity in order for them to get your message.

I recommend that you make it simple and small in that way people find it easy to understand.

By doing this you will be able to get a quality following and in the long run, every time you feel down. Trust me these people will help you keep going.

With that being said, thank you for your time hope it’s worthwhile,

If you have any suggestions you can type in the comment section below.

I truly appreciate your comments. Have a great day.



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Mithun Suresh

Mithun Suresh

Investor, Trader and a life enthusiast