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Mithun Suresh
5 min readJul 29, 2021


This is a Beginning of a new decade, Introducing a Modern lifestyle and a Modern Financial system. Here I have brought up a letter including the upcoming financial news in simple words. maybe you could find something useful here.

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So that you could understand all about what is happening in the financial sector in simple words. Enjoy the read.

Dawn of the Digital Currency

Everything as we know it has changed overnight since the beginning of the 2020 — world has changed drastically. Not to mention the pandemic which forced the world economy to a pause.

Societies were forced to change in order to adapt to the — New World order or so they say.

There are conspiracy theories that it has been planned and prepared a model to introduce a new lifestyle to the society, a Digital Economy. and it would be not possible without all these situations such as a lockdown. And the authorities make up temporary stories just to make you calm Until the day comes everyone comes to a realization to which this all becomes so obvious… So now you know,

Be positive, Everything happens for the Better

Being positive can Solve Big problems with ease. Saying that when stuck in lockdown although the economy is struggling and it still needs to move, for that the only solution is to work at home. we have Zoom for that but then how do we earn money? the economy is still struggling and the salaries are reduced even in the big companies not to mention the smaller ones, they had to fire a lot of workers ignorer to manage their money flow.

Bitcoin then was introduced as a token with the idea of currency. Many smaller startups began to introduce it in their business and then slowly it began to gain popularity worldwide.

The idea was to overcome the hassle during transfer or any kind of transaction for that matter and a third-party fee while during an exchange. Bitcoin being decentralized made it super fast to transfer all around the world.

But this came with exceptions, things such as Government approval. without which there is no security. For instance, when your bitcoin wallet gets stolen, it is lost forever.

At the beginning of the arrival of bitcoin, there has been a lot of misconceptions such as bitcoin transactions cannot be tracked, which is not exactly true and people are realizing it by now.

it is also said that bitcoin itself was a trial project to test the new decentralized platform. So that the government could introduce their own digital currency and regulate it. in this case, the digital currency backed up by govt would be more Secure, Safe, and Fast.

The cons

Although there are many useful aspects to this idea and new financial system there are also cons attached to it. Let’s start with the misconceptions.


The last year has revealed major cracks in the stressed economy and studying history allows you to understand the future. Today’s guest says there ar…

When it comes to reality, everyone is really concerned about Bitcoin while something else is taking place. The real topic we need to be discussing is Decentralization, and that’s when all the information starts to make sense.

In the above podcast” The rich dad radio show “ — Dentralssed midset. they speak everything you will need to know in a nutshell.

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Gold status

Talking about sharing, the next information I am going to share it with you going to be very useful for someone who is looking for an investment ideas or a trader perhaps who is looking for more trading opportunities.

Even for others this might be use full if you read this as it will help you to understand the situation that is going all around you and how to be prepared especially if you are in the US. After all, this is the motive of this newsletter — To gather relevant information and share it with the public making it less technical and as simple as it sounds like 123.

Emotional Traders React To Recent Market Rotation — Are You Ready For What’s Next? — Technical Traders
Your description for this link…

Everyone knows about inflation and deflation that is happening in the economy. but does anyone know what is the best asset to invest or trade during that time?

Many of us have been brought into this market because of the low employment rate. During this pandemic, many have lost their job. Due to this lockdown, many businesses have been shut down.

And all of this has caused people a hard time taking care of their own families. and the stock market was the only thing running.

Over forty percent or more have opened a trading account for themselves during that short period and for the most is Millenials.

A lack of knowledge and a gambling attitude towards trading made them burn their pockets. Not to mention the bitcoin Rush.

Even the Gold had its turns. Although many investors were saying that Gold could reach new highs, prices of gold had a hard time keeping up after the first run. but then no one realized that there is always a pullback in every trend and the prices do not always move on a straight line. there will be ups and downs in the market.

All we have to do is merely observe and follow — understand the buyers and sellers, how do they react.


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